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The ultimate glide


Innovative concept design

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SUPCAT was inspired by the catamaran boats, which everyone already knows for their performance and efficiency in seaworthiness.


However, SUPCAT uses the combination of the best of the worlds, mixing monohull and multihull in a unique stand up paddle board design.


The result is a board with less hydrodynamic drag as it has less wetted surface than a board of the same size compared to SUP race boards and with excellent stability.


We can really say that it is a hybrid performance board for both touring and adventure cruises and even unique race competitions!


Logo Supcat web.png

The ultimate glide

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SUPCAT 14 A stand up paddle board developed for those looking for stability and paddling with great comfort without needing great efforts for touting and long journeys.


SUPCAT 12 The Smaller version of Supcat boards for people who want a board with great stability, comfort in their adventures, touring and training.